We’re a digital studio that builds user-friendly web solutions.

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We transform smart business ideas into digital assets.

Since the beginning, our focus has been to provide the best possible web solutions to small and medium-sized businesses – and our focus has never wavered.

Staying at the forefront of technology, we’ve developed into a sophisticated group, committed to building better businesses and stronger brands across the digital landscape. Let us show you what we can do.

What we've achieved so far

50+ brands

trust us to lead their digital research, design and development.

We started ux.haus in 2015 and we've have come a long way since

Our humble mission to help small businesses grow has developed into something greater. We started by creating smart web products to streamline business operations. Today, we develop robust digital experiences that empower brands and generate results.

$20M+ gained

in funding and acquisitions for our clients.

We build solutions that help businesses thrive.

Our team becomes an extension of yours as we successfully launch your digital products. In fact, our solutions are so effective that for one client we developed a TV streaming app that was purchased for $8.2M.

118 Digital BrandScores

created for brands as of January 2021

Our one-of-a-kind benchmark evaluates your digital performance.

With our proprietary Digital BrandScore, we can measure the effectiveness of your digital branding. This allows us to pinpoint your online strengths and opportunities, and improve your digital presence, all with targeted metrics.

+62% growth

When marketing automation using simple communication like text and email marketing done right.

Our capabilities are evolving and so are yours.

We noticed that small and medium-sized businesses weren’t using automated marketing channels to streamline their communication. That’s why we’ve developed a new expertise in text and email platforms to help keep your customers engaged, informed and returning to your business.

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Our timeline


We launch smart digital solutions that serve small business.

Originating as a software lab in a suburb of Chicago, we set out to transform small businesses with smart digital solutions. We saw that large companies were dumping big money into tech, often with substandard results, and we knew we could offer something better and more strategic for less.

Since then, we’ve leveled the playing field for small business by delivering expert digital solutions. Our web products have helped companies elevate their online experiences, connect with their customers and grow their brands more than they ever imagined.

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A unique business idea develops into a $8.2M acquisition.

Here’s how one consultation turned into a multi-million dollar partnership. VuMundo approached us wanting a way to stream free Hispanic TV throughout Latin America. We brought their idea to life by designing and developing a TV streaming app that provided access to Hispanic TV through one easy-to-use web interface.

It was the first IPTV service of its kind, ultimately hosting over 150 free TV channels from 25 countries – all with no monthly fees. Not surprisingly, the streaming service’s growth and success got noticed, and VuMundo was purchased by Sky Network for $8.2M.

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New benchmark standard with Digital BrandScore.

In 2019 we introduced our proprietary method for measuring a company's online performance. Taking into consideration the five vital pillars of your digital branding to create your Digital BrandScore. The process of creating your Digital BrandScore includes an 5 part audit of each pillar of your digital branding.

Today, our Digital BrandScore™ serves as an essential benchmark for measuring digital progress while assessing your digital brand as a whole. We recommend requesting your BrandScore on a quarterly basis.

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AI Alliance to revolutionize small business marketing capabilities.

Our experience has brought us to learn that businesses of different shapes and sizes require different digital tactics. So we've partnered to build a truly AI-assistant that helps busines owners and marketers take control of their online marketing.

While this is a work in progress we'd like to keep things at a minimal. If you're interested in learning more about our collab stay tuned as we plan on keeping our folks informed here.

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Join our team

While we keep a small and nimble team, we are constantly growing. We look for multi-faceted candidates who embody two or more of the following roles.

Haus Leaders

Those with great integrity who responsibly guide, oversee and represent the haus.

Web Artisans

Designers and developers who are true artists of the digital craft.

Data Natives

Those who seek and explore data to find truths not visible to the naked eye.

Content Strategist

Masters of big-picture thinking who develop the shortest pathways to success.

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